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Eremove is a simple application for linux, based on GTK, for logging into a POP3 mail account, quickly seeing a summary of everything that is there waiting for you, and previewing/deleteing some or all of those emails painlessly.

Sometimes there is a large email blocking the mailbox, or lots of SPAM, or corrupted headers. With Eremove you can get rid of the unwanted mails easily, and then go back to your favourte email client and get the rest of your emails.

Time permitting, I will continue to add bits and pieces to it, and suggestions are more than welcome.

Note: If you are looking for the similarly named Windows "Email remover", you'll find it here.

New version, 1.4


Version 1.4 is now up, check out the Changelog for what's new.
The main new feature is the preview function

Copyright (C) Mitch Murray

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